Record Info

LSXX is available as a limited-edition, seven disc vinyl box set, and a three-CD package. Many of the recordings included in the set have never been released before, and for other tracks, it will be the first time they receive a worldwide release. Cover and individual sleeve artwork has been created by renowned British graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, who described it as “an irreverant conceptual re-imagining” of his original Last Splash artwork.

The vinyl box set includes:

  • a 12-inch vinyl pressing of Last Splash
  • four 10-inch EPs – Safari, Cannonball, Divine Hammer, and Head to Toe
  • a 12-inch vinyl live concert album, Stockholm Syndrome, recorded in Sweden in 1994, during the band’s last European tour. Seven tracks from this recording originally appeared on a fan-club-only CD; nine additional unreleased tracks from the concert are included here.
  • a 12-inch vinyl record comprised of a BBC radio session recorded July 24, 1993 and available here for the first time, and the original Last Splash demo recordings, made in November, 1992
  • a 24-page booklet featuring previously unpublished photographs taken during the recording of Last Splash, personal photos taken during two years of touring, and reminiscences written by band members and others, including Kim Gordon and J Mascis.

The CD release is comprised of the same material in a three-disc set.

Disk 1 | The Breeders, Last Splash
01  New Year
02  Cannonball
03  Invisible Man
04  No Aloha
05  Roi
06  Do You Love Me Now?
07  Flipside
08  I Just Wanna Get Along
09  Mad Lucas
10  Divine Hammer
11  S.O.S.
12  Hag
13  Saints
14  Drivin‘ on 9
15  Roi (Reprise)

Disk 2 | The Breeders, The Stockholm Syndrome (Live in Stockholm)
01  Shocker in Gloomtown
02  New Year
03  Hellbound
04  Saints
05  Hag
06  I Just Wanna Get Along
07  S.O.S.
08  Roi
09  Head to Toe
10  Happiness is a Warm Gun
11  Cannonball
12  Invisible Man
13  Doe
14  Drivin’ on 9
15  Don’t Call Home
16  Lime House

Disk 3 | Demos, Rare Tracks and Session Versions
01  No Aloha (BBC Session)
02  Flipside (BBC Session)
03  Divine Hammer (BBS Session)
04  Hag (BBC Session)
05  New Year (1992 Demo)
06  Grunggae (1992 Demo)
07  Invisible Man (4AD Lable Compilation)
08 No Aloha (1992 Demo)
09  I Just Wanna Get Along (1992 Demo)
10 Mad Lucas (1992 Demo)
11  S.O.S. (1992 Demo)
12  Saints (1992 Demo)
13  900 (1992 Demo)
14  Iris (No Alternative Compilation)

Safari EP
01 Do You Love Me Now?
02  Don‘t Call Home
03 Safari
04 So Sad About Us

Cannonball EP
01  Cannonball
02  Cro-Aloha
03  Lord of the Thighs
04  900

Divine Hammer EP
01  Divine Hammer (Single Version)
02  Hoverin‘
03  I Can‘t Help It (if I’m Still in Love with You)
04  Do You Love Me Now?

Head to Toe EP
01  Head to Toe
02  Shocker in Gloomtown
03  Freed Pig
04  Saints