Last Splash

Record Info

Formed as a side project for Pixies’ Kim Deal and Throwing Muses’ Tanya Donelly, The Breeders eventually became Deal’s main group, with her twin sister Kelley joining the lineup here while Donelly moved on to form Belly. The alternative revolution was in full effect by the time Last Splash was released in 1993, and the über-catchy single “Cannonball” became an alternative hit that also made it to No. 44 on the mainstream charts. Kim wrote all the songs, with Kelley contributing to “Do You Love Me Now?” and “I Just Wanna Get Along.” Guest violinist Carrie Bradley, a member of the obscure band Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, likely tossed in that band’s “Drivin’ on 9,” a nice folky change of pace from Deal’s askew-pop leanings. The album was recorded in San Francisco and the Deals’ hometown of Dayton, Ohio, and the sound reflects a tug of war between higher and lower fidelities. There’s a childlike inventiveness to The Breeders’ approach, and the Deal sisters’ harmonies are so naturally idiosyncratic as to be spellbinding.

01  New Year
02  Cannonball
03  Invisible Man
04  No Aloha
05  Roi
06  Do You Love Me Now?
07  Flipsiide
08  I Just Wanna Get Along
09  Mad Lucas
10  Divine Hammer
11  S.O.S.
12  Hag
13  Saints
14  Drivin’ On 9
15  Roi (Reprise Version)